HBCU News Review scholarship photo of Shorter College

Shorter College gains $125,000 religious life scholarship

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Shorter College recently received a $125,000 scholarship from a new endowment to support students studying in the area of religious life.

The Clarence J. Duvall, Jr. Religious Life Scholarship stems from a new $625,000 endowment fund named the Duvall Educational Endowment that is being shared at several Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) in Arkansas.

The gifts, which were announced by C.J. Duvall, Jr. and Karen Duvall of Little Rock, will be made through their endowments managed by Arkansas Community Foundation. The Duvall Family has previously supported organizations in central Arkansas such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas, Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Foundation and Arkansas Baptist College.

“Our gift is just a portion of the funding needed to support HBCUs and the work they do to provide diverse educational opportunities in Arkansas,” said C.J. Duvall. “Our hope is to bring awareness to others in our community about giving back. We’re grateful for the Community Foundation’s commitment to supporting the local community and their smart financial stewardship of our funds.”

Other gifts allocated from the fund include:

Philander Smith College – $300,000 – Clarence J. Duvall, Jr., Student Campus Center Duvall served as a Trustee 2010-2014, taught in the Business school in 2013-14, served as Vice President of Institutional Advancement in 2014-15 and personally supported the tuition, books, housing or transportation needs of over 50 students in the years 2008-2015.

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff – $125,000 – Clarence J. Duvall, Jr. Educational Scholarship
A student of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff will receive the Clarence J. Duvall, Jr. Educational Scholarship, established in honor of a family member from his hometown attending UAPB who valued their experience attending the local university. This scholarship is designated to a student in the UAPB School of Education who is pursuing a career as a K-12 educator.

Omegas of Greater Little Rock Endowment – $75,000
The Omegas of Greater Little Rock Endowment currently exists to support HBCUs in Arkansas and after receiving a donation from the Duvall Family Charitable Endowment, they will be able to fund rotating scholarships beginning in 2019 to a student attending one of the four HBCU’s in the State of Arkansas. The first award will begin with Arkansas Baptist College followed by Philander Smith College, Shorter College and University of Arkansas Pine Bluff. Duvall believes that the endowment will eventually grow to sustain an award to all four institutions on an annual basis.

All funds will be managed and disbursed by Arkansas Community Foundation. For more about the Duvall family’s philosophy on giving, go to www.arcf.org/duvall.

Individuals, families and organizations can partner with Arkansas Community Foundation to establish funds to benefit the causes they care about now and in the future. Visit www.arcf.org/givesmart to learn more.

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